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Rock Our Vets was started by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Dave Mason of Traffic and his friend of over 40 years, Ted Knapp in November of 2015 Both Dave and Ted hold the men and women in uniform in the highest regards. Our Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighters put their lives in the line every day to keep the men and women of this country safe. When our Veterans come home they should be recognized and taken care of. The families of Law Enforcement and Firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty also need to be taken care of. Neither. Dave or Ted, ever served in the military, but both came from families with extensive military service and understand the sacrifices that are made. Rock Our Vets is their way of recognizing these “Heroes” and saying “Thank You”. Rock Our Vets is a 100%, all volunteer national foundation.


Rock Our Vets Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to do whatever needs to be done for our Veterans and the families of Law Enforcement and Firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty.”


           Dave Mason & Ted knapp - 2018 Rock Our Vets information video


For 10 years Dave and Ted were part of another Veteran non-profit that they were co-founders of with another friend. That organization grew very large in a very short period of time and additional members were brought on. As it continued to grow, the philosophy of the original plan had changed. Within days of each other, Dave and Ted both submitted their resignations. However, they both wanted to continue their support of the men and women that keep our country safe. So together, they formed Rock Our Vets. Dave and Ted called upon our friends in the Rock and Roll community to assist us in supporting our Veteran community. Together we raise the funding and awareness across the United States at Dave’s concerts and the concerts of other supporting artists.


Rock Our Vets focuses on a variety of issues. Suicide is a major issue today. The current rate of suicide is 22 per day from Veterans. Rock Our Vets provides awareness to this issue and offers support and resources in a variety of ways. Homelessness is currently at 49,900 Veterans living on the streets. Rock Our Vets runs a never-ending clothing, jacket & blanket drive. Not only do they support many other organizations across the country with the all that is collected, but the volunteers and join Ted in taking to the streets during the cold months with jackets, blankets and “blessing bags”. Rock Our Vets provides financial assistance to our Veterans in crisis with bills for heating, electric, car repairs etc….


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