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A Public 501(c)3 Charity
Business Office             2505 River Road  Pt Pleasant NJ 08742
Operating Facilty      2075 91st Street (unit 2) North Bergen, NJ 07047
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Food & Basic Needs for Veterans and their families.

  • We have a gift card program currently running that allows us to get food available to veterans in an emergency situation. Details are on the DONATE page

Clothing for Veterans and their families in need.

  • We have a location in North Bergen, NJ that has a store like look to it where Veterans in need can come with immediate family members and get whatever clothes, jackets and foot ware they might be in need of.

Instruments for Veterans in recovery.

  • We have a program available to Veterans that are in rehabilitation centers for extended periods of time that might be interested in learning to play.
  • We can provide the instrument of choice if it is available to them to learn on, play and keep as their own.

Laptops to Veterans for their educational pursuits

  • Rock Our Vets has a program that will provide a refurbished laptop computer to a Veteran returning to school.
  • We require the Veteran to provide a DD-214 with an honorable discharge and some form a proof of enrollment is an educational program that requires a laptop.
  • These are reviewed on a case by case basis by the board before laptops are disbursed.

Suicide awareness and prevention

  • Rock Our Vets works with professionals in that industry and connect Veterans in need of counselling to someone who is qualified to work with them. 
  • Rock Our Vets is very much into spreading awareness of the extremely and unacceptable high rate of suicide among the returning veterans through social media, newsletters and public events.

Support for Veterans owned businesses

  • Rock Our Vets will work with Veteran owned and operated businesses to help them be successful by financially supporting them with the tools they need to do the work that the company does.​​

Food Drive - Coordinate a food drive in your local area or at work. Canned goods and non- perishable items only. Men, women & children's hygiene items as well.

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Clothing Drive - Coordinate a clothing drive in your local area or at work. New or Lightly Used  - Jeans, T-Shirts, Blouses, Jackets &  Gloves - New Only - Socks, Hats

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